Principal / LeadProduct Designer

UX / UI / Interaction Design

As an end-to-end (full-stack) product designer I have 25 years experience in producing high-quality, intuitive, effective and engaging user experiences.
I focus on delivering the right solution that meets end-user goals and business requirements within technical constraints.


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Product & User Experience Design


I am recognised* as a "Hybrid" / "Technical" Product Designer (with a broad range of skills, experience and domain knowledge within the various sub-disciplines of product design and UX, but also across various industries), specialising in designing solutions for complex systems.

* By former and current managers and peers


Business & Design Thinking

Highly experienced

Product Strategy

Highly experienced

Product Design & Development


Highly experienced

User Research


UI Design


Interaction Design


Visual Design

Advanced / Expert

Information Architecture


Rapid Prototyping


Some companies & organisations I've worked for
Some measurable benefits I've brought to companies

HSBC Global Banking & Markets

Reduced the time it takes to on-board a client for a FX service by up to: 92%

Time taken compared with old system:

15-20 mins

4 hours

(Less time taken is better)

Thomson Reuters

Reduced the number of user actions required to on-board a customer by: 55%

User actions:



(Less user actions/tasks is better)

Lloyds Banking Group

Contributing to a wider team effort to reduce the business customer's "time-to-cash" on commercial loan applications by: 94%

Time taken compared with old system:

1 day

16 days

(Less time taken is better)

Lloyds Banking Group

Achieved an average "ease-of-use" score (on a scale between 1 and 5) from user-testing of an initial proposed workflow solution: 4.9 out of 5

Ease-of-Use Rating:

1 - Most Difficult

Easiest - 5

(Higher score is better)

"He brings vast experience to his projects and executes them diligently, displaying a real understanding of the design lifecycle and how it fits within overall product development."

"has the perfect combination of expertise in UX, great understanding of digital technologies, as well as in-depth knowledge of the financial industry."

"His professionalism, expertise and people skills would make him an excellent leader for any user-centric organisation."

"His contribution and Design expertise have been key in driving the Product forward."

"Yooch can be both a great team leader and player."

"Hired him for two companies already and I'll do it without the shadow of hesitation."

"An excellent UX designer with extremely high work ethics and professionalism."

"A passionate, committed and talented individual who has the respect of everyone."

"His commitment and quality of UX work was always of the highest standard."

"A professional, reliable, technical UX’er and an all-round good person to know."

"He's a rare find, a creative thinker with a remarkable combination of skills."

"One of the senior lynchpins of the team, and we wouldn't be the same without him."

Linkedin Recommendations & Endorsements

34 Received Recommendations

67 Experience Design Endorsements

75 User-Interface Design Endorsements

35 Interaction Design Endorsements

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